Haines City Post Office
Looking for financial, legal and business information about the United States Postal Service? Learn about the strategic direction of USPS and its blueprint for the future the Transformation Plan. Find the Annual Report and Comprehensive Statement here. Also, check out the postal facts sheet it's USPS at a glance.

The Office of Strategic Planning is the executive and support team responsible for managing the day-to-day strategic planning function of the Postal Service.

We deliver job opportunities. Want to join the team? The United States Postal Service workforce is focused on the worldwide movement of messages and merchandise. Come join us and help fulfill our historic trust to bind the nation together. The United States Postal Service is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Explore business opportunities with the United States Postal Service. Get important information about suppliers, purchasing and licensing. Check out new business ideas and learn how to become a certified mail professional. Find the forms and publications you need to successfully conduct business with USPS.